Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Newsletter

Pre-K students will begin a study of animal body coverings, paying particular attention to feathers, fur and scales.  During the month of December the students will make observations of different animals with fur and how this fur helps the animal during the winter months.  Some animals we will look at will be guinea pigs, polar bears and arctic hares. 
The children will continue their study of what animals do to prepare for winter during the month of December.  The children will explore the concepts of food gathering and storage, hibernation and migration by learning about different animals such as bats and barn swallows!  The students will watch short video clips, view photographs and then act out the animal’s actions with paper puppets!  The children will also learn about the different threats that these animals are facing, such as White Nose Syndrome in bat populations of New York State. 
First Grade entomologists will spend the month of December comparing and contrasting the body structure of different insects.  The students will locate the head, thorax and abdomen of different kinds of insects in order to become more familiar with those common body parts. The students will then take what they have learned about insect body structure to create their own insect. 

Second Grade geologists will wrap up their study of Earth materials by learning about the rock cycle.  The children will act out the different ways that rocks are formed, by learning about erosion and deposition, as well as the Earth’s tectonic plates.  During this study, the children will become familiar with sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks and how each is formed.